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Modern AU

In which Rickon Stark and Shireen Baratheon are dating in secret with only a selective few knowing and trying to keep Stannis from finding out. But now Rickon has made it a habit to test the Old Gods and New by attending the galas her father has been hosting in Dragonstone in order to see her. 


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"That the armorer’s sullen apprentice was the king’s son, Ned had no doubt. The Baratheon look was stamped on his face, in his jaw, his eyes, that black hair. Renly was too young to have fathered a boy at that age, Stannis too cold and proud of his honor. Gendry had to be Robert’s."- Eddard Stark, A Game Of Thrones.

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Anybody else need to see Rickon go through a bloodthirsty Arya-esk transformation while on his buddy road trip with Osha to the cannibal islands? Yeah I need it a lot.


Anybody else need to see Rickon go through a bloodthirsty Arya-esk transformation while on his buddy road trip with Osha to the cannibal islands? Yeah I need it a lot.


these are hard times for dreamers 

Canon Divergence: In which Myrcella and Robb are the ones betrothed. She hears of the betrayal and massacre that led to her Young Wolf dying. 

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thefacelesswolf asked: "You're mine." {bc no matter what verse we're in, Arya is /possessive/.}


[i’m making you a promise right now that the next thing you send me i’ll write in canon verse. i feel like i always do modern, sorry! but i had an idea and it was not horribly angsty for a change soooooo. :3]

                               The whole damned thing was her idea, anyways. If it had been up to Gendry they’d be sitting on the fire escape outside of his flat with her legs dangling over the edge and laughing at drunk people stumbling out of shows like this one. But Arya liked to go out and see bands and stand two heads shorter in a crowd of people so that she had to lean up on her toes or hop up and down or stand on his toes to see everything that was happening. Even when the band wasn’t playing, she still had to see everything. Or she’d just use her elbows to get to the front. She made a lot of enemies that way.

                        So Gendry usually just lingered near the bar until he was needed. He didn’t like music. Well— he liked music. But not like most people do. He didn’t like liking music and talking about music and giving stupid lengthy descriptions of what music was or wasn’t and why he liked it or didn’t like it and why other people should or shouldn’t like it, too. He liked what he liked and he didn’t have half an idea why in the hells people thought it was so important to talk endlessly about the things that they liked.

                The things that you like should say more about you than you do about them. That’s what Gendry thought. And, besides— he wished people would shut up most times no matter what they were talking about.

                           He didn’t mind so much when Arya rattled on about it, though. She was usually right at least. Not all the time by a stretch, but more often than not. And talking about it wasn’t just her talking— it was her figuring it out for herself and she always made funny faces like she was pissing herself off when she didn’t say it right. Pretty entertaining to watch, actually. Sometimes he’d disagree with something she’d said just to piss her off worse and make her go through it again in a different way to prove that she was right. It was remarkably easy to piss her off.

                    She was definitely pissed off now; and all because some girl was talking to him. Gendry would’ve thought that Arya had figured out his feelings on strangers talking to him at this point. Even tall, pretty ones. Especially tall, pretty ones, actually. But the girl had said something funny and he’d laughed despite himself— unaware that Arya was watching or that she would even give half a damn about it if she was.

                          He wasn’t her bloody boyfriend. And he didn’t scowl over her head at any male who tried to speak to her because she was his girlfriend— that sounded pathetically immature even in his own head. He had a good reason. Had to. Didn’t he? He did it because—

                                                                        “You’re  m i n e  .

                                     “What did you say?”

           Arya didn’t answer— still standing there and glowering at him with her lip curled back in a snarl that showed the white of her teeth. That was a warning. A warning that she was about to bite. Gendry wasn’t much for heeding warnings, always having been more inclined to view them as a sort of a challenge. Her skinny shoulders were heaving with how heavy her breathing had become in her rage— or maybe from how swiftly she had shoved her way through the crowd to yank him away.

                “Yours? I’m not a damned dog, Arya.”

                                                                        “I didn’t say you were a dog, stupid.”

                     Gendry knew what she meant. His only goal now was to trick her into saying it again so that he’d have an excuse to kiss her suddenly the way that he wanted to so she’d forget about the show and drag him outside and let him pick her up and put her against a wall somewhere with her strong little legs around his hips. Or she could put him against a wall. The details weren’t important. He just had to get her to say it again so he’d have an excuse. That was usually how it worked.


what if he did not pay?

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knightwithoutbanner asked: “And now I’m feeling stupid.”



                                                         вυzzz вυzzz


                   ❝ ———Now? ❞

        She let out a derisive scoff, shaking her head with frustration. 

                   ❝ And what were you before? ❞


                  ❝ Gendry you’ve always been a bloody idiot.

                           But this- ❞ 

                                                            вυzzz вυzzz

        A sardonic breath of laughter rushed passed her lips as the frown on her face deepened into that of a scowl. She stood before him with her hands on her hips, staring down as he sat on his bed - a ruddy, drunken mess. It gave Arya the rare opportunity to stand taller than him for once. Not often was she able to look down at him. She still didn’t tower over him as she might have liked; he’d have to be lying flat on the floor for her to feel such influence; but he definitely had to lift his head in order to see her, and Arya quite enjoyed the change in position. 

                         ❝ Oh, this has taken stupid to the next level! ❞ 

                                                            вυzzz вυzzz

❝ …he’s calling again. ❞ 

        In her hand, she held her phone which buzzed to life every other second, flashing on and off like an irritating dying light. Arya let out a heavy sigh, taking a second to glance down at it, but quickly threw it away onto the bedside table next to her. She did not miss the glaring notifications - 12 missed calls - and was lucky enough to have scanned the most recently received text message.

                                                               ARE YOU PREGNANT!? 

                                                                                      Fucking hell…. 

                       ❝ Chin up. Pinch. ❞ 

                                    ❝ Bucken helbs, Arveya! ❞ 

                      ❝ Shut up. ❞

        She pulled her hands away from his face and went to fetch clean tissues. He stunk like cigarette smoke, blood, and beer, but if she left now in a fit of anger and frustration, she knew she’d end up regretting it. Honestly, the girl wanted nothing more than to pull her fist back and give him another black eye to match the one he had now, but she somehow restrained herself. That would be saved for another day. 

                 ❝ So, just walk me through this ’cause I’m having a very hard time understanding. ❞

        Gendry glanced up with bloodshot eyes, nursing his bleeding nose.  

                ❝ You decide for whatever reason to go out drinking with my brother.’Yeah, it’ll be fun! Have a few beers! Talk about girls. Guys night out, whoo!' ❞

        Arya could see the scowl forming beneath the tissues and blood, but she wasn’t finished yet. Oh no, she had barely begun. 

               ❝ So, at what point in the night did you completely lose your fucking mind and blurt out to Jon that you are fucking his little sister! ❞

        She was losing her calm, naturally, and Gendry winced at the growing volume of her voice. No doubt he already had a headache and Arya certainly wasn’t in the mood to comfort. In fact, she’d prefer to remain by his side all night, screaming into his ear if only to punish him and his stupid behavior. After a second, when he was sure she wasn’t going to smack him across the head, he pulled the tissue away from his nose. 

                             ❝ s’not how I said it— ❞

                   ❝ I don’t care how you said it! That’s how he heard it! ❞

                                                    вυzzz вυzzz

        She plucked the phone from the table and glanced at it. Her stare slowly turned into a hot glare and then she forced her eyes shut and squeezed the phone in her fist, so tightly she almost broke it in two. After making a conscious effort to breathe, she reopened her eyes and turned on her heel.

                      ❝ Keep pinching. Call me once you’ve sobered up. And for the love of God, if you hear knocking on the door, don’t answer it. Knowing my brother, he’s probably already told Robb and they’re more than likely on their way to castrate you. ❞

        She was on her way out when she heard him mumble her name. Instantly pausing, she heaved another heavy sigh before turning back around. He looked pathetic, he did. Sitting in his bed, back against the headboard, chin tilted up with a box of tissues at his side and blood pouring down his face. His nose wasn’t broken - or at least, he insisted it wasn’t - and there was no way she was going to convince him to go to the hospital. His eye was swelling up - black and blue - but his other one was watching her and when she turned back around, his pitiful expression chipped away some of her fierce anger.  

                          ❝ What? ❞

        He paused, glancing down at his lap, still caught in a drunken stupor, and then—  ❝ ’m sorry. ❞

                                                    вυzzz вυzzz

          … damn.

        Rolling her eyes, Arya stomped back over to him - ignoring the way he tensed as if preparing for an attack - and grabbed his chin. Forcing his head up, she leaned down and crashed her lips on top of his. He tasted like copper and alcohol, but she ignored it and closed her eyes, tapping him lightly on the cheek when she was finished. A light smack, loving almost - especially when it came to Arya. She pulled away and stared down at him with wild eyes. 

                                           ❝ …Idiot! ❞

                                              He was indeed an idiot. 
                                                    But he was also her idiot.
                                                        And she’d clean up his mess.

        Running her fingers quickly through his hair, she turned away before he could see the small smirk growing on her face.   

                                                   вυzzz вυzzz

                             ❝ Planned Parenthood, how can I direct your call? ❞

                                                                                                   Too soon?


Arya and Needle 


Arya and Needle 

Now is the winter of our discontent

Now is the winter of our discontent

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Be Happy Be Healthy


Title: Be Happy Be Healthy

Fandom: Game of Thrones

Pairings: Robb Stark and Myrcella Baratheon

Disclaimer: I own nothing

Author’s Note: Companion piece to Midnight Cries

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Midnight Cries


Title: Midnight Cries

Fandom: Game of Thrones

Pairings: Robb Stark and Myrcella Baratheon

Disclaimer: I own nothing

Prompt: Robbcella as parents BECAUSE ALL THE FEELS! - sapphireglyphs

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